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This is Titan! I picked him up from a terrific breeder, Linda at J-Lyn Shepherds, in Middleburg, FL. Not only is this woman a wonderful Christian but she is super friendly, caring and a terrific dog owner and breeder. I have been able to visit other breeders in our area and I have not seen anyone quite like her. She is so friendly, eager to help and truly cares about putting the right German shepherd in the right home. Thank you Linda, for giving us such a wonderful dog!!!
ACE and I are still just as happy with each other as we can possibly be. He is still the warmth in my sunshine and the friend of every child and adult in my neighborhood. He is very obedient and an especially happy good ole doggie. He is the easiest dog that I have ever trained. He is very smart and eager to learn. I can teach him a command for abut 15 minutes and he retains the knowledge. He is trained to voice and hand commands with extreme ease and enthusiasm.
In 1991, we purchased sable male GSD puppy from Linda. Fritz has always been well behaved and obedient. Just the terperament we were looking for. One day Fritz and I were on a walk when I had fallen and broken my ankle. After numerous attempts to get up and calling for help, there was no one around. I laid there for quite some time before someone came. Fritz never left my side. The EMT's could not get near me to help me, Fritz would not allow it. They were finally able to restrain him and tend to my needs. My protector.
Tasha is turning 13 years old tomorrow. I thought that I finally ought to send you a recent picture of her. This is one of my favorites that I took on one of the cold nights that we've had recently. She is still our happy puppy, even though her hearing and eyesight contine to go. You can see some of the grey around the bottom of her mouth. That's about it for the grey. Her vet says that she is one of the healthiest, oldest shepherds that she sees. Strong heart. Still walks with a light gait. And still happy!
Just wanted to drop you a line. We are so happy that we got the puppy from you. We just love him. He is such a good boy. He has not done anything wrong and he is really attached to me now. The two dogs are finally getting used to each other and steal each others food and water. We call Lucky Dex now, and he has a very deep bark.  That makes me feel real comfortable when I am here alone and Vinnie is out. I think he is the most wonderful thing that anyone has ever done for us, and we appreciate it so much.

Dr. Klein was quite insistent that I deal with a reputable breeder
and investigate the lineage. Dr. Klein talked with a show judge and
a professional handler, who each recommended Linda Novotasky
of J-Lyn Shepherds.
From the moment Linda and I first spoke on the telephone, I was totally impressed with her. Linda's professional commitment to breeding and proper placing of her puppies are priorities.

After performing the temperament testing, Linda spoke with me at length on the telephone discussing the results and describing how each puppy performed for each segment of the test. Then Linda made her recommendation as to which puppy she felt would fulfill my wants and needs. It was love at first sight, and I am totally convinced that we are a perfect match. Linda's expertise has been proven to be invaluable.

Linda's relationship with the puppy and me did not end with the placement of the puppy.  She has been available for any questions or concerns I have had. I feel blessed that Dr. Klein found Linda. She is a true professional committed to the GSD.

Diane Turocy
Summerville, SC
Recently we lost his companion and he became very depressed so we decided to try and relocate Linda and see if she was still involved with German Shepherds as we had moved out of the area. We wanted the same type of terperament she had achieved in producing in the pup we had purchased so many years ago. And so we have acquired Ginger, a sable also. We told Linda what we were looking for and left it up to her to pick the right puppy for us and she did. Ginger keeps Fritz on his toes and since her arrival, has helped him to lose weight by being such an active puppy. He tolerates her very well! As he also does his ferret friend that likes to sit on his head! Fritz will now be 11 years old this October, 2001. We hope to have several more years with him and our new addition, Ginger.

Barb McCoy
Lutz, FL  (2001)

ACE and I go everywhere together and everyone loves him. The doctors office, the Bank, etc. We are joined at the heart. Thank you again for breeding such a fine animal and the love of my life.

With all fondest regards and wishes,
ACE & Marvin Brock (2003)

If you ever want to get a German Shepherd I highly recommend J-Lyn Shepherds.

Darice Nosse
Jacksonville, FL (2007)
Thanks again for helping me pick her out!

Tim Markowski

We truely love our Ziggy and are so proud of him!  He has grown to be more than we imagined. He is so smart and accepts commands without hesitation.  Your personality testing on him was right on!!  He has turned out to be a beautiful dog, protective without being aggressive.  We thank you for allowing us to have him. He truely is a part of our family.
Hopefully we will get another wonderful dog from you !!

Diana Locke
Jacksonville, FL  (2009)
He is a sweet dog....a lot of character and very intelligent, quick to learn and eager to please. You did yourself proud with this litter, if all the puppies turned out like Koda, there should be alot of very happy dog owners out there.  I sometimes feel  a little lost for words when people stop there cars to say " Oh what a beautiful German Shepherd"!! 
We shall thank you for years to come for this joy you brought to our home.       
Max & Kim Murfin
                                                   Florida  (2009)

My husband came into our bedroom last evening, right before I was asleep.  I woke up enough to realize he wanted to "talk". What did he want to talk about? The puppy of course!  Linda, he's so amazed at everything this puppy seems to be....he is so impressed at the breeding..the coloring....the markings...the quality the animal we have recieved and wanted me to convey this all to you as the breeder.

So I asked him...was it worth the money for you Marvin Golden?  He never hesitated one bit...worth every darn penny he exclaimed!

Marvin and Holly Golden
Thomasville, GA (2010)
Missy Joseph

Today is a very sad day as we have lost one of our family & a great friend to all she met. People say that dogs are just dogs, but we all learned through Missy that they are much more.  She was a huge part of our family.  She never met a person she didn't like , and was kind and respectful to all. She loved to retrieve her ball & was better at it than most.
She was a fabulous teacher to all dogs who were around her. She educated them on the proper way to behave & welcomed any one of them to share her turf. She loved us very much, especially her Sarah & the many children in our extended family.
She was a strong old girl who never forgot her role of guardian.  She was a beautiful, grand lady and true Shepherd to the end. We will miss her very much.

Matt and Nancy Joseph
Jacksonville, FL  (2010)
I hope you don't mind a proud dad attaching a couple of pics of the most wonderful creature I have ever had the priveledge of knowing.
Sam was in Brix's litter of 9/11/2001 and I can't begin to express what a wonderful companion he has been for the past 8 &1/2 years. He has a grey muzzle and some aches & pains but on the whole he 's doing very well. (he has a better health plan than I get from Bank of America!) and the Vet gave him a good bill of health a couple of weeks ago.  Hope you are well & still bringing joy to people with your gift of creating the dearest of friends. I may have enough good years left in me for one more GSD :)

Jim Ketchpaw
Jacksonville, FL (2010)
Jerry & Linda Lubrano
Sasha (nearly 8 years old) is our pride and joy (after our 6 grandkids that is). She is our second German Shepherd. She is smart, brave, loyal and loves to sleep in our bed. She is spoiled too but that’s okay. She responded very well to training & is very diligent in watching over her home and yard. No one would ever know that she is very gentle. She loves children and her Cockapoo friend Molly. Sasha’s personality is second only to her beauty. Everywhere we go people are stunned by how pretty she is. Even though not trained for the breed ring in shows, she has a perfect stance. The slope of her back and curve of her tail are perfect. Of course everyone wants to pet her & when she knows that it is okay she will allow it for a little while, then it is back to Mom and Dad! We couldn’t be happier with our experience with JLynn Kennels. Thank you Linda for helping us have such a joy as Sasha in our lives and home. We would highly recommend your kennel to anyone interested in a quality dog from people who care.
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I first learned of J-Lyn Shepherds through a friend who is very involved in the dog world.   My friend recommended Linda Novotasky to me and added, “ You don’t have to go out of Florida to find a good breeder of German Shepherd Dogs ”.  My friend is quite right.  Linda Novotasky is a highly reputable breeder.  Her knowledge of the breed is remarkable and she cares deeply for the dogs and their puppies.  Linda gives the puppies a great start in life.  The exceptional care and nurturing she gives the puppies ensures them good health and good socialbility.
We purchased our companion, Kaliska, from
J-Lyn Shepherds in December 2012. 
Kali, now 4 months old, is a confident and well socialized youngster.  She is playful and healthy.  She is a wonderful part of our family.  We are very grateful to Linda for giving Kali such a wonderful start in life with her nurturing and experienced care.   Linda has been there for us way beyond the time we brought our puppy home by providing good advice to our questions regarding nutrition, training, treats, and more.   We continue to share Kali’s milestones with Linda. 
It is a relationship we value greatly.  Thank you Linda!!

Kris and Harold Beckham, Gainesville, Florida

We purchased Scout from you 10 years ago and she will be 10 years old on March 1, 2013. She is without question the best friend my wife and I have ever had. She is one of the puppies from BJ and Zoom.
She spent several years going to work with my wife everyday and quickly became the company office dog. We have recently retired up to Lake  in
Camden SC where Scout is enjoying her days on the lake.
She is a beautiful and loving dog and our best friend. We can't tell you how thankful we are that we found you and Scout.  Sincerely,

Mike and Kathleen Halter
Camden, SC (2013)